Project Area A: Pattern formation and cell specification

A1 Molecular control of the development and function of primary and secondary sensory neurons
Carmen Birchmeier
A2 miRNAs and their mRNA targets in neural stem cells
Gregory Wulczyn
A4 The role of FoxP2 for the development and function of neural circuits mediating vocal production learning
Constance Scharff
A8 Molecular pathways in forebrain development and holoprosencephaly
Annette Hammes-Lewin/Thomas Willnow
A9 Cdk5rap2 and novel microcephaly in brain development
Angela Kaindl
A10 Molecular control of production and specification of cortical upper layer neurons
Victor Tarabykin
A11 Analyses of the function and regulation of the PTEN suppressor during early brain development
Britta Eickholt

Project Area B: Connectivity and signaling

B1 Nrg1 and ErbB receptors in Schwann cell development and myelination
Alistair Garratt/Carmen Birchmeier
B2 A cGMP signaling cascade controlling axonal branching and neuronal circuitry
Fritz Rathjen
B6 Common genes required for normal mechanotransduction in touch and hearing
Gary Lewin/Manfred Gross
B9 Active zone transport and Autism
Stephan Sigrist
B10 Experience-dependent development of the cortical representation of social touch
Michael Brecht
B11 Role of excitation-inhibition in Rett syndrome
Christian Rosenmund
B12 Auditory processing deficits in autism: auditory brainstem disturbances and the role of neuroligin-3
Ursula Koch
B13 Understanding the function of Shank2 and its role in autism
Dietmar Schmitz
B14 Synaptic Mechanisms underlying Phelan McDermid and Asperger’s Syndrome
Craig Garner

Project Area C: Core projects

C1 Transgenic Core Facility
Victor Tarabykin/Carmen Birchmeier/Geert Michel
C3 Central tasks of the Collaborative Research Center
Christian Rosenmund
C4 Clinical and Genetic Assessment Unit
Markus Schülke-Gerstenfeld/Stefan Mundlos